Al-Safinat Trading Company was established in 2016 and since then it is one of the leading companies in the field of marketing, digital marketing, programming and designing websites and stores so that our customers can reach what they wish when designing a website or work on marketing and promoting their products or marketing their company in the target market so we can help you to Attracting customers through marketing and advertising campaigns of high value and quality to reach the best marketing results and advertising products and services with the best team in digital marketing. We do marketing through social media platforms and the means that are newly relied upon in marketing.
The professionalism of Al-Safinat Trading in marketing
The professionalism of Al-Safinat Trading Road lies in marketing through search engines, social media, and marketing campaigns for all fields (tourism / real estate / training / consulting, furniture, etc.). We can efficiently achieve the desired goal, which is to achieve numbers that lead to achieving what is required. Increased brand awareness or sales.
Advertising campaigns
  • Advertising campaign through newspapers and printed magazines.
  • Advertising campaign through banners and billboards in the main streets, malls and public places.
  • Advertising campaign through television screens, which is the most expensive in terms of cost, but is the most widespread in achieving large goals, reaching the largest category of customers and consumers, and achieving a large percentage of sales in a short time. An electronic advertising campaign via the Internet, which is the most widely used in recent years and the most widespread because of its many benefits, including: Less expensive than TV ads and all other types of ads. More accurate and targeted ad campaigns, where you can target specific groups to focus on them and get ads to appear to them.
  • It is more suitable for companies that provide services and aim to reach a wide range of clients, both locally and internationally.
  • You reach very many categories in a short time with the ability to specify a specific geographical area.
  • Managing electronic advertising campaigns and their types are paid campaigns by Google AdWords, the largest advertising company in the world on the Internet.
  • It includes ads that appear in search results and ads on sites that follow the Google AdSense advertising network, which is what is called Google AdWords ads. An advertising campaign on YouTube, which is the number 2 television in the world, because it has videos for all disciplines from all countries of the world and in all languages.
  • Advertising campaign on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sites known worldwide.
  • advertising campaign by sites that provide free classified ads service, which has a very large number of visitors on these sites.

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